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Ariolic ActiveSMART

Ariolic ActiveSMART

Ariolic ActiveSMART Overview

Ariolic ActiveSMART – is a program for diagnosing hard drives, monitoring disk temperature, free space, SMART status, block troubles and much more. The program uses SMART technology to monitor the status of the hard disk drive (HDD). Its main task is continuous monitoring and warning of any problem with the disk before there is a risk of data loss. Active SMART supports checking disks automatically at system startup, continuously monitors the status of disks from 1 minute to 99 hours or performs quick disk diagnostics to save resources on weak computers.

Features of Ariolic ActiveSMART

• A quick view of the status of the disk.
• View more than 25 factory settings of the disk.
• Supports SMART drive technology.
• Support for various types of user notification or system administrator.
• Warnings about all changes in disk status.
• Control disk health, performance, and free space.
• Monitoring the temperature of hard drives and displaying it in the system tray.
• Laptop support – special battery saving modes for laptops.
• Creation of detailed reports on the status of disks.
• Simple and intuitive user interface.
• Flexible settings.

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