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Luminar Multilingual Overview

Luminar – is very simple and beautiful, and has provided many tools for correction of image problems and photo editing. This program, like Photoshop, displays the changes as layering so that the individual editing of each layer can be done. Also, the history of changes is saved and there is a possibility to return to the previous one in each step. The luminaire has a very nice graphical look, and you can do a few clicks with a few clicks and change the values ​​of certain fields. The app’s settings section allows you to customize the appearance of the app to your taste and abilities

Features of Luminar Multilingual

• A beautiful, professional, yet simple graphics environment
• More than 300 image editing tools
• Having 35 powerful filters for performing artwork on images
• Different work environments for different purposes
• Ability to define new work environments
• Ability to edit RAW images

Developer Website

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