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Screenpresso Pro Multilingual

Screenpresso Pro Multilingual Overview

Screenpresso Pro – is a simple tool that will help you capture screenshots easily. It overrides the Print Screen key.

No need to install the application, you can run it directly after download. Don’t bother to save screenshots on your drive, Screenpresso Pro does it for you. Drag and drop screenshots from history directly to your favorite e-mail editor.

Webmails like GMail are also taken into account. Crop, spotlight an area, or comment parts of the captured image. Make a unique image thanks to the stitching mechanism. Look like a pro. Add drop shadow, round corners, and reflection.

Need to export images or create thumbnails at a specific size, one click. Easy share screenshots on Twitter thanks to Twitpic integration.

Features of Screenpresso Pro Multilingual

• Entire screen, region, window
• One-click screen capture
• Clean transparency borders and corners on Vista and Windows 7
• Scrolling part thanks to the stitching mechanism
• Include cursor in your captures with a zoom factor
• Magnifying glass to capture with a one-pixel precision
• Perform actions after taking screenshots: open the editor, open the history
• Manage the clipboard usage after screenshot
• Automate resizing on every capture
• Automate effects (drop shadow, borders, reflexion, …) on every capture
• Multiple screens support
• Video

Organize: Screenshot History:
• Store up to 100 screenshots sorted by date
• Automatic file naming
• Batch conversion of images: resizing and adding effects
• Easy create thumbnails of all captures
• Rename and delete screenshots

• Save screenshots in PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP formats
• Drag & Drop screenshots from History to any application that accept images
• Send to email: easily attach files to email editor like Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail …
• Save to clipboard (including image and file path)
• Send to your favorite image editor in one click
• Send to the printer with autofit option

Built-in Editor:
• Vector-based editing
• Drop shadows
• Image effects: drop shadows, borders, reflexion, color background, rotation
• Drawing tools: rectangle, ellipse, numbering,…
• Text boxes
• Annotations
• Arrows
• Eliminating unwanted areas of screen captures: Crop
• Blurring confidential data
• Callouts
• Advanced resize options
• Ribbon-based menus

• Touch screens support
• No need for administrator privileges
• No install required

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Please read FAQ if you need basic help.